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//LINKS to Friends and Collaborators

Sarah Wichlacz
Sarah is my number one partner and collaborator, as well as my wonderful, beautiful wife.

I am co-owner and Editor in Chief of GF!, which has provided videogame news, reviews, and articles since 1995.

FunkMouth is the home of FunkMouth records, which is he home of DJ Funken Wagnalls feat. Cottonmouth, MC and the Robot Underground. Free hip-hip-hop and interactive Flash videos!

Weiner Dog Productions
A space for people to put stuff. That's what WDP is. It gave a group of us writers, artists, and webjunkies a bit of Web to develop, and we did some good there. Check it out for fun stuff.

Elmwoodstrip.com (my personal journal)
A project by my friend Paul Visco (see next), which I use as an informal, personal journal. It's nice to have a space where I can cut loose and not have it be right out on my own page. For fun stuff, weird stuff, and occasional rants, it's a pretty good read.

Paul Visco
Paul is a programmer, artist, designer, and generally one of the smartest guys I know.

Dave Logan
Dave is an up-and-coming young animator who will knock your socks off. He's an incredible talent, and proof that WDP has helped nurture some excellent new artists. Check his blog for the goods.

Chris Mostyn
Chris is a comic artist who has a great style and is incredibly prolific. His books are nicely atypical and refreshing, and I'm happy to see him making much of his work available online.

Alan Rhodes
Alan is a filmmaker in my department here at UB, and I've been fortunate to have helped him out in small ways on a couple of his projects.