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//short videos and animation

STD and You
(~20 minutes, 2001)

This mockumentary was edited from clips found in the Prelinger archives for the initiation ceremony of the Eta Chi Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society. I am a member of Sigma Tau Delta, and I wanted to leave my chapter with a legacy that would remind future generations that scholarship is serious fun.

Booth Babes: a Short Documentary
(~8 minutes, 2000) || Download Ipod Version
|| Download Low Quality Version (ASF or alternative super small version)
At the 2000 Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA, my wife, Sarah Wichlacz, and I teamed up with some of our colleagues at GamesFirst! and filmed this short documentary. We had been taken with both the gaming public's and the gaming media's fetishization of "booth babes," actresses and models hired to help market a game or franchise on the show floor. We just thought we'd talk to a few folks and get some perspective.

(~1 minute, 1999) || Download High Quality Version
|| Download Low Quality Version (ASF or alternative Real Player format)
This is a short digital stop-motion animation created in 1999. This was a very early experiment in digital animation for me, and features photography by Sarah Wichlacz. L'Ecrivain was broadcast on TechTV's You Made It, and was featured on Pepper-View.com.

//freelance video work

Networks, Art and Collaboration Conference Proceedings DVD

Download Title Animation (Quicktime MOV format, low res)
I edited, designed and authored the official documentation of the conference, which was organized by Trebor Scholz and held in conjunction with the SUNY at Buffalo Department of Media Study. The conference featured over 100 artists, critics, and scholars from a wide range of disciplines who came together to discuss Christoph Spehr's ideas about Free Cooperation. This DVD is also the official release of On Rules and Monsters, a film by Christoph Spehr and Jorg Windszus, and features DVD-ROM content including original conference documents and additional media files and photographs.

UB Commencement 2004 & 2005 DVD Set

Working with Ruth Goldman, I designed, authored and created the DVD and DVD packaging for the University at Buffalo Commencement 2004. This was a large project and included coverage of four different commencement ceremonies, spanning four discs. The discs feature motion menus and detailed scene indexes. I also designed the packaging and disc labels and shepherded the disc through the duplication process, delivering finished product to the university.

//crew credits

Zoopraxiscope Visualizations by Shawn Rider
(2004, directed by Alan Rhodes)

Directed by Alan Rhodes, Tesseract is an experimental film about the life of Eadward Muybridge, the pioneering developer of photography, animation, and film. Rhodes has crafted a phenomenal piece, blending techniques of comic books, fine art video installation, and contemporary cinema. During the summer of 2004, Alan and I spent time running animation tests to simulate and fantasy-simulate the zoopraxiscope, Muybridge's device for projecting animations, in a digital animation and special effects process that could be applied to elements of the finished video.

"Great Success"
Additional Artwork by Shawn Rider
(2003, directed by Alan Rhodes)

I only played a small role in Alan's experimental short, "Great Success." This film feels a bit like the Residents directing a Tom Waits video, but with a cool, contemporary vibe. I especially love Alan as the nurse and Bernie as the doctor. I made some of the background graphics and the title graphic.