This page comprises a listing of major written works, which are provided here for your access. Interactive pieces are linked to the live work, while print pieces are provided for download in PDF format.

Dynamic / Interactive / Hypertexts

PiTP: a participatory short fiction (2005)
This is my first experiment in user-participation and contribution to the story. I am hoping to do more with these ideas, including “WikiFiction” and “multiplayer” fictions, but for now, a bit of textual vandalism will have to do.

So Random: a dynamic short fiction (2005)
This is a dynamically assembled short story. It is the first of what will hopefully be a few short fiction experiments to come during the summer of 2005.

googlePoems.gifGoogle Poem Generator (2004)
After reading several created-by-hand “Google” poems (more accurately called search engine poems, I suppose), and finding only a couple of these engines online, I decided to write one myself. It’s actually really easy, especially using the Google API. This is presented raw for you, and is the core of the engine that writes the poems in Black and White.


dance_club.gifDance Club (2003)
Another collaboration with Sarah Wichlacz, this is a documentary new media object based on Sarah’s previous research in the working conditions of exotic dancers. While exploring a topic with many facets, we also investigate the possibility offered in the new media object. Combining video, animation, photography, essay, and textual sampling, Dance Club seeks to provide a exploration space for curious viewers.


mannish.gifmannish: birth to grave in a masculine way (2003)
An experiment in the potential of new media to be used in creative nonfiction, mannish is a commentary on the state of masculinity in America. This project uses only traditional HTML and basic Javascript. This is a low-fi, low bandwidth work.


pnkldy.gifThe Pink Lady and the Academic Marxist (2003)
Another low-fi, low-bandwidth ePoem, this is a remix of a poem I used to deliver at the Moscow, ID poetry slams. And if there’s a hardcore poetry audience out there, it’s in Moscow… I provide this because it’s nice to see all points along the trajectory, and this represents what I think of as my “playing with Imageready” phase of online media production. This is the last major Imageready slice-job I ever created.


Gas – ultra short fiction
I published two stories in the first volume of, a very much ahead of its time online literary magazine, supported by the Arts Council of England. “Gas” is also included in the current archive of The Very Best of, available at

The Tarradiddle Collection (PDF)

Much of my short fiction writing in my undergrad career was dedicated to a connected set of stories with a sort of general shape to them. Mostly, I wanted to experiment with form and content and I liked having a ready cast of characters to play with. I still have a fondness for these stories, and I think some of them are pretty good. My two favorites are Uncle Ned (PDF) and Plastic (PDF) , which I’ve provided as individual files. The full 95 page, six story collection is available here (also in PDF format).


Digital Arts Manifesto (PDF)
I’m really not much of one for a manifesto, but Tony Conrad made me write this, and I don’t totally disagree with it now. I figure it might be interesting for some folks.

On Juvenile Techno Delinquency (PDF)
This is a nonfiction essay about three of my computer geek comrades from high school and me. I owe all I know to nice folks who taught me, some of whom were stranger than others…

The Silenced Majority: Colonization of the Mind and the Flesh Eating Zombie (PDF)
This is an in-depth look at George Romero’s Living Dead trilogy using the critical lens of postcolonial theory. My take is that the zombies represent an allegory of post-hyperconsumer consciousness. Zombies still fascinate me.

His Fat, His Dumb, His Weak, His Lazy (PDF)
This is an exercise in “early” criticism. The task set to me was to choose a new writer to research and provide a reading/introduction to his/her work. I chose George Saunders, who is one of my favorite current writers. I wrote this shortly after Pastoralia was released.

The Swamp Waters of Your Affection (PDF)
Grace Paley is one of my favorite writers, and I wrote this quick essay about a couple of her stories for a contemporary lit course I was taking. I am proud that this essay was chosen as a focus for discussion on one of the web’s main literature discussion groups.

This is a small sampling of my work from my years of study. More essays are available on my old site,, in the Writings section. I’m very pleased to note that some of the essays on the old site are used in college courses ranging from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Cambridge, UK. Other essays have inspired all sorts of interesting contact with people online and have been featured on different online journals, discussion groups and magazines.

These essays and stories are all provided for use and sharing according to the Creative Commons license: Derivs OK, Attrib, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike.


I spend my days working on WiserTogether, where I am the Director of Product Technology. The rest of my time is split between various projects and sites, all of which you can find linked from this website. I live in Seattle, Washington. This is my personal website and portfolio, the unstable center of my WWWorld. Welcome.