"So Random"


I hate being a nurse. I got pregnant when I was 17, and I didn't have much choice about what to do. I made it through nursing school and that has been a decent living. But I hate it. I hate working with sick people. Disgusting nastiness. I'm just so sad all the time after I get home.

Once we get past Niagara we go onto Vulcan proper and past all of the factories and some rundown taverns and pizza parlors. There used to be three pizza parlors and two bars on every corner, plus a liquor shop downstairs. I don't know. I suppose people might feel worse about things, except that nobody I know remembers when this area was doing any good. As far as I know, though, Riverside ain't the worst off. I seen worse on the Lower West Side. Can't say why some of these places go to hell and others stay OK even still.

I guess Theresa and my aunt actually worked at Sisters together sometimes. Theresa said mostly they were on different floors, but sometimes if she was picking up an extra shift she'd work with my aunt. What a coincidence? Who would've thought it?

After we burned down the one house, my buddies started thinking it would be fun to just load a house up with as many fireworks as possible and then set it off. So they did that. Then they got gallons and gallons of gasoline and turned another of the cabins into a giant bomb/bonfire. That time, the cabin really blew up some, and a random splinter of wood hit my friend, the one who had brought that first roman candle, in the ear. He went deaf and I don't know what else. I kind of fell away from those guys after awhile.

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