"So Random"


I got my first pair of headphones when I was 12. My Papi said that he thought I deserved to have my own headphones if I was going to ride the bus to school next year. I had to go across town because if I was going to get into City Honors I had to go to the best school in the city to prepare. And if that meant riding the bus for an hour each way, then that was OK with my Papi.

The teenage girl rides the bus every day. I see her all the time. Her parents are nice folks who live out in Riverside. She gets on and has her headphones up so high everyone else can hear the music. Half the time she puts her pass backwards through the card swipe and don't even notice it don't beep. I figure it ain't worth it to hassle her about it.

Chuckie don't ever cause no problems. For the most part. Sometimes if he's not sure where he's going he can worry a bunch. And he takes a new route map every day. I ask him, "Chuckie, what are you doing with all them route maps? You must have a million of them at home!" But I guess he loses them pretty much every day, too. I think he takes usually two buses to get to his job at the Goodwill, and who knows what else in between that or where else he goes. I don't know. All I know is he loves to ride the bus, and it's OK to have him in the co-pilot. At least I know he don't want nothing from me.

Some mornings start out real cold and you almost can't stand to open that door. I tell you, some mornings I'm just huddled up with a blanket wrapped around me in the seat. If I'm driving one of the replacement units, I gotta bring my little heater, too. It gets cold sometimes.

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