"So Random"


I kind of have a special love for nurses. She don't smile or nothing, but I love how she looks with them white shoes. And them white pants. Sometimes the purple flowers on her blouse or umbrella set off the color in her cheeks just so beautifully.

It was so sad. Jimmy didn't even get a cast because of how small his fracture was, but it totally hurt way more than that. I like helped out with the pain by giving him a back and shoulder rub while I played him some Enya in the background from the LotR soundtrack. I think it was, like, totally soothing.

Janie was sick a lot. She had asthma and had to stay home a lot. Mama stayed home to take care of her, or sometimes my aunt would come in from Niagara Falls. She would always make us take her down to the Italian restaurant on the corner which used to be owned by mobsters, I think.

Once I was riding the bus, and this old man was on the bus. He started hacking and coughing and I thought he was going to eventually throw up or something, you know, it was real deep down inside him like that. And then I got to the hospital and I'm doing my rounds, and I walk into a room and there he is, the same motherfucker. He rode the bus to the hospital because he thought the ambulance was too expensive.

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