"So Random"


I hate being a nurse. I got pregnant when I was 17, and I didn't have much choice about what to do. I made it through nursing school and that has been a decent living. But I hate it. I hate working with sick people. Disgusting nastiness. I'm just so sad all the time after I get home.

Once I was riding the bus, and this old man was on the bus. He started hacking and coughing and I thought he was going to eventually throw up or something, you know, it was real deep down inside him like that. And then I got to the hospital and I'm doing my rounds, and I walk into a room and there he is, the same motherfucker. He rode the bus to the hospital because he thought the ambulance was too expensive.

I didn't do well in my nursing classes. I was usually tired from working the night shift at American Brass. Now that was a shitty job. At least nursing is better than that crap. Oh, it would drive me crazy, pulling the same lever, making a million little things that don't look like nothing. You know, like fucking eyelets for your sneakers and whatnot.

I kind of have a special love for nurses. She don't smile or nothing, but I love how she looks with them white shoes. And them white pants. Sometimes the purple flowers on her blouse or umbrella set off the color in her cheeks just so beautifully.

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