"So Random"


Some mornings start out real cold and you almost can't stand to open that door. I tell you, some mornings I'm just huddled up with a blanket wrapped around me in the seat. If I'm driving one of the replacement units, I gotta bring my little heater, too. It gets cold sometimes.

I think some of the most meaningful moments in my life have been accompanied by music. It's like as if I'm just in tune to the rhythm or something. Like if I'm angry and I listen to an angry song, then I, like, work it out through that, you know? Or if I'm trying to, you know, chill out and just be kind of zen then I have to get some kind of mellow music going on. I think I'm just like seriously in-tune with the musical wavelength.

I cracked my teeth once on the curb one winter. I was running to catch the bus and I slipped on some fucking ice that I didn't see. It had gotten real warm that week, and everywhere there were big puddles where the snow used to be. Then over night it froze and the next morning there were spots where the ice was thin as paper and slick as snot.

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