"So Random"


One day we came home and Daddy was gone, too. He left us a note and Mama said it was for the best. He just up and left. There weren't no reason for it. It was just out of the blue.

I got no patience for hobos, bums, crackheads, panhandlers, or generally human annoyances. I saw one time, on the bus, this group of boys roll these two crackheads who kept hasselling them for money. Eventually they pissed off these kids, and they just turned out their pockets. They threw their shitty cigarettes and their crackpipes or whatever out the window, and they might have each taken a couple licks for fun. It was a fucking strange thing to witness. I mean, I wasn't sure what to do, but there was so many of them boys. I couldn't get involved. In the end them crackheads didn't seem much worse for the wear.

When I was a boy, I rode the bus to school, too. Back then it didn't cost no dollar fifty though. It was like a quarter. And we'd ride to school, then on the way home we'd transfer and head down to the river. In the warm weather we'd swim and fish, or in the winter we'd burn stuff in the little houses on the coast guard island. We never saw no coast guards.

I hate being a nurse. I got pregnant when I was 17, and I didn't have much choice about what to do. I made it through nursing school and that has been a decent living. But I hate it. I hate working with sick people. Disgusting nastiness. I'm just so sad all the time after I get home.

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