"So Random"


I didn't do well in my nursing classes. I was usually tired from working the night shift at American Brass. Now that was a shitty job. At least nursing is better than that crap. Oh, it would drive me crazy, pulling the same lever, making a million little things that don't look like nothing. You know, like fucking eyelets for your sneakers and whatnot.

One time we were burning this fire in a house and one of my buddies had brought this roman candle with him. He was gonna shoot it out the window from the couch we were sitting on. We had played with roman candles out on the islands a lot. They were weak fireworks, usually, but not this time. The first blast came out of that thing like a canon shot, and this ball of green-blue fire got caught up in the curtain, which pretty much right then just melted to the floor, catching the carpet on fire, then crawling up the walls.

One day we came home and Daddy was gone, too. He left us a note and Mama said it was for the best. He just up and left. There weren't no reason for it. It was just out of the blue.

When I was a kid, my daddy drove a 1964 Chevy Impala that he painted bright yellow. It was the Yellow Jacket, that's what he called it. He was forever out with the Jacket working on it or cleaning it or just listening to the game on the car radio. That car helped make my daddy a big man in the neighborhood, and we all loved that car. The back seat was so big, I remember, I could lay all the way out and sleep when my sister wasn't with us.

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