"So Random"


I open the door and she's bathed in white light, spilling over her shoulders and around her head. She wears a rain bonnet. It's cloudy out. She makes me think of my aunt, who was a nurse at Sisters for nearly 35 years. She died last year and since she been gone, well, the house ain't the same no more.

Janie was sick a lot. She had asthma and had to stay home a lot. Mama stayed home to take care of her, or sometimes my aunt would come in from Niagara Falls. She would always make us take her down to the Italian restaurant on the corner which used to be owned by mobsters, I think.

Once I was riding the bus, and this old man was on the bus. He started hacking and coughing and I thought he was going to eventually throw up or something, you know, it was real deep down inside him like that. And then I got to the hospital and I'm doing my rounds, and I walk into a room and there he is, the same motherfucker. He rode the bus to the hospital because he thought the ambulance was too expensive.

I used to work with this Latino gal at the hospital looked a lot like that girl there. She wore these big hoop earrings said "Jennie" across them.

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