"So Random"


I got my first pair of headphones when I was 12. My Papi said that he thought I deserved to have my own headphones if I was going to ride the bus to school next year. I had to go across town because if I was going to get into City Honors I had to go to the best school in the city to prepare. And if that meant riding the bus for an hour each way, then that was OK with my Papi.

The teenage girl rides the bus every day. I see her all the time. Her parents are nice folks who live out in Riverside. She gets on and has her headphones up so high everyone else can hear the music. Half the time she puts her pass backwards through the card swipe and don't even notice it don't beep. I figure it ain't worth it to hassle her about it.

I think some of the most meaningful moments in my life have been accompanied by music. It's like as if I'm just in tune to the rhythm or something. Like if I'm angry and I listen to an angry song, then I, like, work it out through that, you know? Or if I'm trying to, you know, chill out and just be kind of zen then I have to get some kind of mellow music going on. I think I'm just like seriously in-tune with the musical wavelength.

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