"So Random"


That day Mama caught him with the nurse from the Pediatrics wing, he came home late that night. We didn't see him until the next day after school. And in the morning, when we leave for school, we notice the Yellow Jacket is gone. Never saw that fucking car ever again.

"Conchita" He looked at me and made it feel like this was a real serious moment, and he said, "You know better, right? You will not go to fast. You are a smart girl."

Papi told me my mother had gone away to take a job. That's what he said at first. That she was so sorry she had to leave, but she would eventually maybe come back. I kept hoping for that. And I guess I still would be, except we heard like a couple years after that how she had been found in a squatter house in Niagara Falls. And it wasn't really so sad that she was dead, I mean, she wasn't ever around. But, like, what really weirds me out was thinking how I could have just taken the bus out to meet her anytime. I mean, if I had been old enough to take the bus back then.

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