"So Random"


I got Jimmy a card after he found out he'd have to sit out on the game. I made it in the computer and it had a picture of a kitten, all bandaged up and with a little crutch propped up next to him and a football laying at his feet, on the front and on the inside it said, "Can't wait to have you back on the field, Tiger!" We passed it around the school, and I signed it first, but by the time it got to Jimmy my signature was, like, totally unreadable and some slut wrote her phone number in it. Jimmy said it was OK and he knew it was from me. He's super sweet.

I think some of the most meaningful moments in my life have been accompanied by music. It's like as if I'm just in tune to the rhythm or something. Like if I'm angry and I listen to an angry song, then I, like, work it out through that, you know? Or if I'm trying to, you know, chill out and just be kind of zen then I have to get some kind of mellow music going on. I think I'm just like seriously in-tune with the musical wavelength.

I remember the first time I rode the goddamned bus. I had to go across town so I could go to school at Holy Angels because my mama figured nobody ever got a good education at a public school, and she wouldn't have us in there after grade school. It was fun at first, riding the bus to school, like we were allowed to have some fucking control over our lives. We could go anywhere, and it was our choice to go to school each day.

My first boyfriend felt me up for the first time on the bus. No shittin'. We would hike up our skirts extra high when we got out of class, and we'd show off for the boys when we got on the bus.

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