"So Random"


I open the door and she's bathed in white light, spilling over her shoulders and around her head. She wears a rain bonnet. It's cloudy out. She makes me think of my aunt, who was a nurse at Sisters for nearly 35 years. She died last year and since she been gone, well, the house ain't the same no more.

One time this other retarded girl got on the bus. She was kind of fat, and I had to drop the bus so she could step up the first step. I don't mind helping out like that. But even though she was kind of retarded, she wasn't ugly. You know, her head was kind of funny shaped and she didn't really look directly at me, but I noticed she looked at Chuckie when she walked by. And he looked like he might have known her. I tried to get him to ask her out but he wouldn't. He said she wouldn't go out with him. And I said you never know. "Every dog has his day," I said, "It might happen."

I kind of have a special love for nurses. She don't smile or nothing, but I love how she looks with them white shoes. And them white pants. Sometimes the purple flowers on her blouse or umbrella set off the color in her cheeks just so beautifully.

One time I was working the night shift and that teenage girl was riding on the bus. She was with this big old hockey player type guy who kept sucking on her neck. She would giggle and tell him to stop, and I could tell there was some kind of something else going on, too.

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