"So Random"


When I was a boy, I rode the bus to school, too. Back then it didn't cost no dollar fifty though. It was like a quarter. And we'd ride to school, then on the way home we'd transfer and head down to the river. In the warm weather we'd swim and fish, or in the winter we'd burn stuff in the little houses on the coast guard island. We never saw no coast guards.

I remember the first time I rode the goddamned bus. I had to go across town so I could go to school at Holy Angels because my mama figured nobody ever got a good education at a public school, and she wouldn't have us in there after grade school. It was fun at first, riding the bus to school, like we were allowed to have some fucking control over our lives. We could go anywhere, and it was our choice to go to school each day.

I cracked my teeth once on the curb one winter. I was running to catch the bus and I slipped on some fucking ice that I didn't see. It had gotten real warm that week, and everywhere there were big puddles where the snow used to be. Then over night it froze and the next morning there were spots where the ice was thin as paper and slick as snot.

I got my first pair of headphones when I was 12. My Papi said that he thought I deserved to have my own headphones if I was going to ride the bus to school next year. I had to go across town because if I was going to get into City Honors I had to go to the best school in the city to prepare. And if that meant riding the bus for an hour each way, then that was OK with my Papi.

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