"So Random"


I remember the first time Chuckie got on my bus. He called me the DustBriver. I have no idea why. I told him to call me Julian. So that's what he calls me now.

The folks who sit in the co-pilot seat are usually pretty needy. Crazy folks, crackheads looking for transfer money, horny ladies after the busdriver. Oh yeah, I get that all the time. Well, I used to get it more, but you never know. I mean, I'm not much of one to flirt with any of them. I know that if they do it to me, they do it to every busdriver they ride with.

My first boyfriend felt me up for the first time on the bus. No shittin'. We would hike up our skirts extra high when we got out of class, and we'd show off for the boys when we got on the bus.

I remember the first time I rode the goddamned bus. I had to go across town so I could go to school at Holy Angels because my mama figured nobody ever got a good education at a public school, and she wouldn't have us in there after grade school. It was fun at first, riding the bus to school, like we were allowed to have some fucking control over our lives. We could go anywhere, and it was our choice to go to school each day.

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