"So Random"


My first boyfriend felt me up for the first time on the bus. No shittin'. We would hike up our skirts extra high when we got out of class, and we'd show off for the boys when we got on the bus.

Some mornings start out real cold and you almost can't stand to open that door. I tell you, some mornings I'm just huddled up with a blanket wrapped around me in the seat. If I'm driving one of the replacement units, I gotta bring my little heater, too. It gets cold sometimes.

I got no patience for hobos, bums, crackheads, panhandlers, or generally human annoyances. I saw one time, on the bus, this group of boys roll these two crackheads who kept hasselling them for money. Eventually they pissed off these kids, and they just turned out their pockets. They threw their shitty cigarettes and their crackpipes or whatever out the window, and they might have each taken a couple licks for fun. It was a fucking strange thing to witness. I mean, I wasn't sure what to do, but there was so many of them boys. I couldn't get involved. In the end them crackheads didn't seem much worse for the wear.

I remember the first time I rode the goddamned bus. I had to go across town so I could go to school at Holy Angels because my mama figured nobody ever got a good education at a public school, and she wouldn't have us in there after grade school. It was fun at first, riding the bus to school, like we were allowed to have some fucking control over our lives. We could go anywhere, and it was our choice to go to school each day.

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