"So Random"


I got no patience for hobos, bums, crackheads, panhandlers, or generally human annoyances. I saw one time, on the bus, this group of boys roll these two crackheads who kept hasselling them for money. Eventually they pissed off these kids, and they just turned out their pockets. They threw their shitty cigarettes and their crackpipes or whatever out the window, and they might have each taken a couple licks for fun. It was a fucking strange thing to witness. I mean, I wasn't sure what to do, but there was so many of them boys. I couldn't get involved. In the end them crackheads didn't seem much worse for the wear.

The teenage girl rides the bus every day. I see her all the time. Her parents are nice folks who live out in Riverside. She gets on and has her headphones up so high everyone else can hear the music. Half the time she puts her pass backwards through the card swipe and don't even notice it don't beep. I figure it ain't worth it to hassle her about it.

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