"So Random"


We get to Chuckie's stop at the Goodwill and he gets off. Just as he's leaving the bus, I hear a scream and I see in the mirror the Sabers guy and he's falling forwards with a big spray of blood coming out of his back.

Then all of a sudden the homeless looking guy is lying in the aisle. At first I think he's just laying there, but then I can see the rat-looking guy (that sounds so mean!) is all covered with blood and his bag is all soaked like as if some kind of blood just spurted out at him.

I scream for the driver to call 911 and he does. He ends up covering the bleeding guy with a blanket and I appreciate that. All of the other folks take off, although some of them stand around rubbernecking outside. It's disgusting how much blood there is. Disgusting.

Me and Julian, the busdriver, go out to coffee a few weeks later. You know, if you had told me I was going to find a man on the bus because of some fucking crackhead hobo I would have told you to quit shittin' me.

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