"So Random"


Chuckie gets off at the Goodwill like he usually does. I don't pull three feet from the curb before I hear this terrible screaming like somebody's dying and there's this thud. I look up in the mirror and Sabers is on the floor in the aisle. Nurse Lady is kneeling over him, doing something.

He goes to walk down the aisle and then like stops and stares at this lady. I'm just like, whatever, and hoping he doesn't come back around me again. I look out the window and I can see the cutest jacket in the window of the Goodwill. It's like this orange hoody with rainbow stripes across it. It's got to be from like, I dunno, the '90s.

"Stop the bus! Stop the fucking bus!" she yelled. I had no idea nurses talked that way.

Me and Julian, the busdriver, go out to coffee a few weeks later. You know, if you had told me I was going to find a man on the bus because of some fucking crackhead hobo I would have told you to quit shittin' me.

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