"So Random"


Just when he's asking her for like the twelfth time if she's got a quarter for the transfer, Bus Driver yells at him to sit down. He's a fuckhead, but he does go and turn his attention to some kids sitting in the back of the bus.

I turn down my headphones to hear what that guy is saying. He's talking to that group of guys back there. A couple of them are pretty cute, but I'm a taken woman, and so I'm, like, not even interested. God, I can't believe he needs a quarter so bad. Like is the bus driver going to chase him out the door? What the hell?

The little guy looks real bothered by the retard. It's hilarious. He sits all close to the back, but then the Sabres guy starts harrassing him for a quarter. I watch the little man kind of quiver a little, and Sabres guy gets a weird look on his face. The little guy fumbles inside this God-awful fucking bag and pulls out a quarter. He hands it over to Sabers guy, but then drops it or something. I dunno, I wasn't watching.

Sabres guy bends over to pick up the quarter. He straightens up and then, I swear to fucking God, I saw him mouth the word "shit" and then he just fell on his face. Straight forward into the ground, and I thought to myself, "Shit. That must have hurt." You could hear his teeth crack together when he hit.

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