"So Random"


Just when he's asking her for like the twelfth time if she's got a quarter for the transfer, Bus Driver yells at him to sit down. He's a fuckhead, but he does go and turn his attention to some kids sitting in the back of the bus.

The bus is getting crowded as more people get on. They all look like they're going to shitty jobs. Coming home from shitty jobs, I guess. Going to shitty homes. There's this retard who laughs real hard at this little guy getting on the bus. Not little like little people little, but you know, little like short and shit.

I wonder if Jimmy is back from practice? He had to sit out for like six weeks because of his fracture, even though it was just a hair line. That's gotta be pretty small. Jimmy said he didn't even realize it until he went in for his school physical and he only did that because you got to. So it was like totally random that this thing just picked up on this teeny tiny hairline fracture. And then it took like six weeks to heal.

Sabres guy picks the quarter off the ground, and when he comes up he looks kind of stunned all of a sudden. He falls forward onto the ground, and I notice blood gushing from the side of his head.

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