"So Random"

a dynamic short fiction
by Shawn Rider

created for you just now:
Jul 23, 2017

Oh my god, I can't believe this guy won't leave me alone. He started out like across the aisle from me and he should stay there. What the hell? It's like, just go away!

It's so random how people just do things sometimes, y'know? It's like this kid at school this one time back in fifth grade. God, it seems so long ago, y'know? Like four years. Anyways, he like flipped out one day and just started humming real low. He just sat there humming. Totally random. Humming? What the hell is that? Who hums?

I love how when I have my headphones on, it's like I'm in another world. Like nobody knows I'm listening to them, like it's all just me and my music, but I can see them and they can't see me. Like they think I can't hear them, but I can, if I want, and then I'm like way in charge.

I can't really think about dinner because some man in a Sabres jersey is bothering this little girl sitting near me. She's pretending not to hear him, but she gotta hear him. He's almost yelling. What a fuckhead. I'm sorry, but that's a shitty way to behave.

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