"So Random"

a dynamic short fiction
by Shawn Rider

created for you just now:
Mar 29, 2017

I got one lady, she's like the day I learned to drive: Everytime I see her it just makes my day. She might ride once, twice in a week, in the mornings. She works at some hospice up the road, I think. She's got a face like a nurse, walks like a nurse, wears a pen on a little rope around her neck like a nurse.

So I pick up Nurse Lady one day and everything is normal, right. Chuckie's in the co-pilot seat and there's some kids on the back going to school, but mostly the bus is kind of empty and pretty quiet. Nurse Lady gets on at the corner of Kenmore and Colvin, and I guess in hindsight I might have seen something coming because the box wouldn't take her bill. I just waived her on and said she could catch up with me next time. She was one of my favorites.

We're rolling down Kenmore Westbound and I notice this guy on the bus, with a Sabres sweatshirt on, and he's kind of yelling towards this girl who might be, what, 15 or something? She's one of them kids with the white headphones and her pants aren't tall enough. I don't try to be judging and all, but you just notice things. Like this guy is harrassing this girl and she's pretending not to hear him. She can hear him. I know if I called her stop, even without them new signs, she'd hear me.

I can't really think about dinner because some man in a Sabres jersey is bothering this little girl sitting near me. She's pretending not to hear him, but she gotta hear him. He's almost yelling. What a fuckhead. I'm sorry, but that's a shitty way to behave.

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