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by Shawn Rider
November 15, 2005

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"I don't know. I just don't think there's much to go after there."

"What do you mean? The guy built a career out of this stuff."

"I just don't know how much that stuff pays. франция последние новостиI mean, what can we get out of suing a college professor? Isn't that kind of a dickhead move?"

Davis let his head fall hard against the desk.

"We're not suing him. How many times do pravogolosa
I have to say that?"

Stan flashed back to the previous sequence of detailed legal analysis. He had no desire to repeat the experience. "I know, I know-he's in clear violation of the law and faces Интернет - это Информация. Кто владеет информацией..............criminal charges. So you say."

"Yes. And that criminal prosecution is what forms the basis for our future civil suits against all the little companies that have sprouted up and been successful based on what they Started new snare throw
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learned from old Joe Morton."

"He's not that old. He's younger than me."


"But how do we know he was even right? I mean, I never read his stuff. And look at us now. Is pravogolosa
this where other companies want to be?"

"That's irrelevant. Just because robbing a bank is a bad idea doesn't mean that you should be let go if you commit the crime. That's exactly what's happened here."

"порно pornoHmm..."

"It's the basis of intellectual property rights, Stan. We have to fight to protect ourselves."

"It's us or him?"

Davis meets his eyes. "Exactly."

Stan nods.

"OK. Let's do the paperwork."

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